Kwekkeboom Oven enjoys international acclaim at Sial (radio-item)

The success of Kwekkeboom Oven for the most part hinges on the crispy crust technology of CRISP SENSATION. The food trade show SIAL in Paris is the ideal stage for both parties to internationally develop crunchy snacks and thus match the Dutch achievements.

‘Bitterballen’ and other Oven Snacks dominated the official Dutch residency in Paris, France, on October 18th. Kwekkeboom Oven briefly took over the historical building in the hart of the French capital to celebrate the success of their Oven Snacks. Besides Bart Bakker, CEO of mother company Royaan both the Deputy Ambassador and the Attaché for Agriculture spoke at the event.

By selling all its DeepFry activities to rival Ad van Geloven, Royaan can focus fully on its Oven business. In future the company will operate under the name New Forrest.

Crisp Sensation

VMT together with Bakker looks back and ahead on the success of Kwekkeboom Oven. We also spoke with Willem-Jan Michiels of Intelligent Food Solutions that does the R&D for the coating technology of Crisp Sensation. Without them, the success of Kwekkeboom Oven would not have been possible.


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