Prepared Foods

Coatings and Inclusions in Food Product Development.

Crispy coverings with soft-and-chewy centers or smooth-and-tender outsides with crunchy bits inside—coatings and inclusions such as these help improve flavor and add appeal. On the outside, food coatings, such as a batter or breading in fried and baked foods, go beyond adding complex taste and texture components and contributing to aesthetics. They act as a barrier to mass transfer during frying, thereby reducing oil uptake and preventing moisture loss.

Today, practically everything—from nuggets to vegetables to wings—is breaded, battered, and glazed. Such treatments can add additional color, flavor, and texture and, sometimes, even add a boost in nutrition or extended shelflife.

This transformation of an otherwise simple food into a culinary delight, while seemingly simple, requires careful consideration of ingredient, process, and economics. Other key considerations include how the consumer will use it; and will it deliver its promise of a crunchy, crispy texture.

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