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Our patented CRISP SENSATION® technology allows you to manufacture crumb-coated snacks with long-lasting, outstanding crispy bite and a juicy core. Suitable for all substrates, such as chicken, cheese and vegetables.

Your customers will enjoy the quick and easy preparation in their Oven or Airfryer. Also extremely suited for Turbochefs, Merrychefs and Impingement Ovens in Food Service and even airplane ovens.



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The first truly oven-only system that can achieve deepfry-like crispiness. With our new CRISP SENSATION® ZeroFry coating system, deepfrying during production is no longer needed. Final preparation just requires an Oven or Airfryer. And will allow for a fat reduction of 50% and a considerable reduction in calories too.

Currently suitable for chicken and vegetable based substrates.
Please see our digital brochure for more info.


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The golden egg in the snacking industry will soon be a reality: a snack prepared in the solo microwave that actually comes out Crispy! Extensive research and development has resulted into a patented dedicated microwave-able coating system that remains its crispiness even if it’s stored in a freezer for months. Crisp Sensation is currently focusing on upscaling to make this suitable for commercialisation.

IN DEVELOPMENT. Expected in 2022.



While ZeroFry eliminates the fryer in your factory, ZeroBake goes even one step further: Just coat, spray and freeze. With ZeroBake no heating step is required in the factory at all. Create the shortest production line you have ever seen, while achieving high outputs. No heating equals shorter freezing and no typical bottle necks (no fryer/oven). Final preparation with an Airfryer recommended.

Suitable for substrates that don’t require to be fully cooked after coated.



CRISP SENSATION. is the owner and developer of a unique, patented technical process that revolves around moisture control: keeping the product juicy inside whilst the crust stays as dry as possible.

CRISP SENSATION® owes its success to its:

– patented coating system (a.o. crumbs and batter)
– patented stabilization system


We will supply you with all the specific ingredients you need to produce snacks with that ‘crisp sensation’ , such as gels, predusts, batters and crumbs.

Some of these ingredients we can tailor to your specific needs, e.g. different crumb blends in various colours or grain size.


In order to provide you with the premium products you need to grow your business, our knowledageable food-technologists will support you by advising on the optimal coating system that best suites your specific needs.

With CRISP SENSATION® you can blaze trails into completely new markets and reach new target groups. Your products will be quick and easy to prepare, with no need for frying- ideal for at-home consumers as well as the catering industry. You can even create crisp coated snacks for airlines – something that has never been possible before.

Your can also improve your existing products enormously by using selected aspects of our technology. CRISP SENSATION® will not impact the ingredients inside your products but will enhance crispiness, succulence and holding time whilst preventing bursting, leaking or sogginess.



Conventionally coated products will benefit measurably from our technology. But it does not mean you have to change your entire production process. CRISP SENSATION® can be implemented in practically all existing production lines easily and without problems. If needed, we can always support you with the necessary technical expertise on site at your premises and manufacturing line.


Partnership is our way to go. From start-up to market introduction we will work with you to create premium products that allow you to realize greater volumes and profits. We are in it for the long-term.


The CRISP SENSATION® co-branding logo is an on-pack endorsement that will add value to your products. It gives your consumers a guarantee that they are about to enjoy a premium quality snack with a crispy bite and a succulent core – that contains a lot less fat than they might expect.

Our CoBranding Guidelines specify how to use the logo and how you can adapt it to your own brand colours.



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