Royaan wants to expand success to Spain

Royaan is planning to take its succesful innovation of crunchy Kwekkeboom Oven Snacks to Spain. “We have done extensive consumer research and found that especially in Spain much food is pan fried in oil, with similar nuisances to deepfrying. Spanish consumers can therefore enjoy the same benefits from our Oven snacks as the Dutch already do” says Royaan CEO Bart Bakker.

The Dutch snack manufacturer wants to expand its exports to other European countries besides Spain and Belgium, where it already sells at Albert Heijn and is currently negotiating with other retailers.

Royaan enjoyed a turnover growth of 15% in 2015 versus the previous year due to the Oven Snacks. The retail snack market, which would have declined by 2% without the Oven Snacks, showed 9% growth.

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