Kwekkeboom Oven wins Dutch ‘Golden Wheel of Retail’

De Kwekkeboom Oven Range is the best retail introduction in the past year. The Oven snacks won the Distrifood Golden Wheel of Retail, the main prize within Dutch Retail.

“For years a solution has been sought after. Deep frying is tricky. You need fat, you need a frying pan. You need to heat the fat. In short, it’s a hassle. Kwekkeboom introduced the oven range. Now also non-frying households can go crazy on snacks. And it works’, according to the Jury’s motivation.

The Oven Range also received the Category Wheel for best introduction within Frozen Foods as well as the Innovation Wheel for the most important innovation.

Kwekkeboom wint Gouden Wheel

The Royaan representatives were given a standing ovation by the audience and were delighted with the Award. “It’s like a top chef receiving a Michelin Star. It’s the highest honour a R&D manager can receive.”

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