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Crisp Sensation’s Technology Enters Asia

Crisp Sensation’s successful crumb-coating technology is now available in Asia. The technology guarantees crispiness for hours and enables manufacturers to create premium frozen or chilled snacks with excellent properties, according to its owners.

“The first products in Europe to use Crisp Sensation’s innovative technology won several retail and consumer awards, and increased both profitability and turnover. Now, Asian manufacturers can use this cutting-edge solution to boost the performance of their crumb-coated foods and snacks,” said company representatives.

Earlier this year, Carlos van der Linden, CEO and member of Food Industry Asia (FIA), opened Crisp Sensation’s Asian headquarters in Singapore and recruited local representatives in Japan and Korea. In June he signed a co-operation agreement with the Singapore-based Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) for regional R&D activities – to develop samples for Asian manufacturers who aim to use the technology. The speech of Dutch Ambassador Jacques Werner underlined the significance of the cooperation.

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