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Crisp Sensation Names New CEO –

Crisp Sensation Holding S.A., a specialist in innovative manufacturing process for coated premium frozen foods, has named Lucas Hendrikse as its new CEO.

Commenting on the appointment, the company explains: “His wealth of experience, combined with his entrepreneurial attitude and open personality make Lucas the perfect CEO for Crisp Sensation. And with his passion for international business, he is experienced in complex deal making. We are excited to be working with him on the next phase of our journey.”

With a strong background in food industry strategic management, Hendrikse, formerly senior vice-president Food Ingredients at DSM, will lead the next phase of Crisp Sensation’s development plans, driving global commercialization of the company’s innovative crispy coating technology. Hendrikse has vast experience in the global food industry, having held various senior executive positions. According to Crisp Sensation, Hendrikse will lead the next phase of Crisp Sensation’s global commercialization.

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