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Crisp Sensation Presents New Coating Styles

Full-service coated snacks technology provider Crisp Sensation is introducing five new variants of its breakthrough crumb coating.

To meet customer demand in many regions of the world, snack manufacturers and large-scale caterers can now choose from a total of six premium crumb coatings, including a wholegrain option.

Alongside the classic Original Crisp Sensation crumb coating, the newly extended range of coating styles is now ready for market. Home Style, for example, is a mix of different crumb sizes that gives food a home-made feel.

For health conscious consumers, the new Wholegrain crumb is perfect, as it combines convenience with improved nutritional value. Asian-style cuisine can be achieved with Tempura, a thin and light coating that gives snacks an exotic touch. The Southern Fried coating replicates the well-known US style that’s famous for chicken drumsticks and nuggets, and for those who favor bigger and flatter crumbs, the Cornflakes coating is ideal.

Adding even more choice and variety, Crisp Sensation’s Home Style and Wholegrain crumbs are available in different grain sizes. This allows for tailor-made crumb coatings that make individual products stand out from the crowd.

“Whichever coating style is used, Crisp Sensation coated foods are ideal not just for home snacking products, but also for restaurants, catering, convenience stores and food service providers. Crisp Sensation coatings are suitable for all kinds of products, including meat and fish nuggets, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, vegetable bites and even sweet treats,” say Crisp Sensation representatives.

The patented technology guarantees a juicy core and an outer coating that retains its crunch for up to three hours in regular holding units. And, depending on the formulation and preparation method, even reduced-fat products can be achieved.

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