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Americas: Crisp Sensations offers new crumb coating range –

Crisp Sensation is introducing five new variants of its crumb coating, including a wholegrain option.

Alongside the classic Original Crisp Sensation crumb coating, the newly extended range of coating styles includes the following:

– Home Style, which is a mix of different crumb sizes that gives food a home-made feel.

– Wholegrain crumb combines convenience with improved nutritional value.

– Asian-style cuisine can be achieved with Tempura, a thin and light coating that gives snacks an exotic touch.

– The Southern Fried coating replicates the well-known US style that is famous for chicken drumsticks and nuggets.

– Cornflakes coating for bigger and flatter crumbs.

The crumb coatings enable premium snacks to be prepared in all sorts of ways, without compromising on end results, whether they are heated using the oven, microwave, grill, turbo-chef, deep fryer or frying pan.

The patented technology guarantees a juicy core and an outer coating that retains its crunch for up to three hours in regular holding units.

Depending on the formulation and preparation method, even reduced-fat products can be achieved.


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