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Break-through Food Technology Company is Newest FIA Member

FIA is very pleased to welcome CRISP SENSATION Holding S.A., a food technology company head-quartered in Geneva, Switzerland, to its growing network of responsible food businesses.

Crisp Sensation
is the owner and developer of a unique, patented technology for coated food products that revolves around moisture control: keeping the product juicy inside whilst the crust stays crispy . Using a patented multi-step process, this technology enables producers of various snack food to realize significant fat reduction.

Crisp Sensation supplies technology to create winning products with excellent margins: crispy low-fat snacks that taste great and are quick and simple to prepare in an oven or even a microwave. The company is a full-service provider for all aspects of coated foods. Alongside their patented break-through technology and specialized ingredients, Crisp Sensation also offers tailor-made product development and on-site production-support, all in a commercially sound business package.

Mr Carlos van der Linden, CEO of Crisp Sensation Asia, said that he was delighted to take his place on the prestigious FIA Coordinating Council.

“I am very pleased to be a part of this impressive group of food and beverage industry business leaders. I am confident that together we can address some of the non-competitive issues that are unique to our industry. With health and nutrition one of FIA’s key pillars, this is an opportunity for Crisp Sensation to highlight how product reformulation and technological innovation, can lead to healthier snacking options.”

“For our company, while Asia has a lot of complexities and challenges, it is also an exciting place to be, offering some of the most diverse and fastest-growing markets in the world. We are excited to be part of FIA and contribute to driving innovation, better nutrition, food safety and standards,” he said.

Mr Matt Kovac, said “We are delighted to welcome Crisp Sensation to our growing network of members. I am confident that the team at Crisp Sensation will bring valuable expertise and knowledge to the FIA Council and Committees and enhance the industry’s collective efforts in improving nutrition, food safety and harmonised food standards for the benefit of all businesses and consumers in Asia.”

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