When you treat yourself or your loved ones to a warm tasty snack, you of course want to enjoy a crispy bite. With CRISP SENSATION® that’s guaranteed. You can rely on snacks made with CRISP SENSATION® to give you a unique and irresistible crunch on the outside and juiciness on the inside.

Look out for the CRISP SENSATION® logo on pack – it guarantees that what’s inside has been made with that special crisp and crunchy crust you won’t find anywhere else.

Lots of different brands are now using our CRISP SENSATION® crust for their products. You’ll find our logo and our crust on their snacks for the oven, Airfryer, toaster, pan and even the microwave!

CRISP SENSATION® for the crispiest crust on all crumb products

Outstanding crispiness

Our special golden-colored crust is custom-formulated for each product. Specially made to give your snack that unforgettable superior crispiness.

You’ll hear our signature crunch with every bite!

Amazing juiciness

Our specialized crust seals in all the freshness and goodness of the ingredients inside.

So you can enjoy a truly delicious snack every time: juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.


Easy fat-free preparation

Preparing CRISP SENSATION® snacks is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply open the pack, place the product in the oven, toaster, Airfryer or pan and it will be ready to enjoy in virtually no time.

With CRISP SENSATION® snacks there is no need to deep fry. So that means less cleaning up and no frying odours either.



To get that delicious crispy crunch for your snacks, be sure to closely follow the preparation instructions you find on the packaging. Our crust is custom-formulated for each individual snack and its preparation method. Using another preparation method than advised may not give you that superior crispiness you want! The CRISP SENSATION® logo on-pack already signals the correct preparation method (e.g. ‘oven’ or ‘Airfryer’).

Crisp Preparation logos on pack