If you manufacture or sell crumb coated foods in Retail or Food Service, CRISP SENSATION® can help strengthen your market position with superior products.

Whatever your needs may be. Whether you want to develop exciting new products or optimize your existing ones, CRISP SENSATION® can help you to grow your business.
Check out one of our actual case studies proving just that !

We can supply you with the technology required to create winning products with excellent margins: crispy snacks that not only taste great, but are quick and simple to prepare and can contain less fat!

Crispiness Authentic crispy bite

Are you looking for outstanding crispiness? The patented CRISP SENSATION® crust ensures that every bite will provide that crunchy texture your customers expect from their premium quality snacks. And then some!

Whether prepared in the oven, Airfryer, grill, Turbo-Chef or (pan)fried, your products come out suprisingly crispy!

For your crust you can pick from a wide variety of coating styles, such as regular or whole grain crumb, cornflakes, southern fried, home style and – of course – tempura.

Taste Crispy outside, juicy inside

Could your products be tastier? All the goodness of your top quality ingredients stays locked within the CRISP SENSATION® coating. The crunchy crust seals in the freshness and tasty flavors of your recipe, securing great taste.

You can even fill your snack with its own dipping sauce and it will stay deliciously moist and juicy; how’s that for innovative snacking?

Health Healthy and tasty do go together

Even when indulging in snacks, health is an increasingly important factor for your customers.

With the patented CRISP SENSATION® system you will be able to develop healthy products that can be low in fat, high in fiber and still taste great. Even high moisture substrates such as vegetables will come under your control, enabling you to cater to all your veggie fans out there.

Since the CRISP SENSATION® coating stays crispy and crunchy even when reheated in an oven, Airfryer, TurboChef or Grill, refrying can even be avoided altogether !

And less fat means no more greasy fingers – ideal for fingerfood concepts…

Flexibility Suited for almost all fillings and processing methods

Whatever ingredients or regeneration method you use, our technology delivers an unmatched crispy coating. Fish fingers, chicken nuggets, vegetable parcels, cheese dippers; all ingredients imaginable can be coated with CRISP SENSATION® and reheated in deep fryer, Airfryer, pan, toaster, oven, grill or Turbo Chef.

Crisp preparation methods

Product safety No bursting, no leaking, no discoloration

Our high-tech, multi-step process ensures that the crisp crumb coating stays intact and attached to the snack during reheating, without getting soggy or bursting. Your products will hold their shape, form and colour. The result is an appealing, crispy coating covering a juicy and succulent core.

Holding time Remains crispy and juicy for up to 3 hours

Are you involved in hospitality or catering? Than you can certainly benefit from this feature: once reheated, the CRISP SENSATION® products remain crispy and juicy for up to three hours in regular holding units. Because the patented crust holds the moisture in, your products will not dry out but remain crispy and delicious. Your diners will be delighted!

Waste reduction No soggy products or polluted oils to throw away due to product leakage

This is where Corporate Social Responsibility and profitability truly meet. CRISP SENSATION® products last longer without going soggy, so there are far fewer spoiled products to be thrown away, reducing your waste considerably. And if  CRISP SENSATION® products are reheated in a grill, oven or Turbo Chef, there is no oil to be disposed of either.


Besides product-related needs you obviously also have business-related needs. When you opt to use the CRISP SENSATION® concept, you will also enjoy the benefits of our:


long term cooperation, mutually beneficial Our Solutions


patented technology and production support Credentials


added value, increased consumer trust Market Examples


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